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The templates, as sold and designed by KH Home Design and Furnishings “KH Home Design”, inclusive of verbiage, branding, and all photography is copyrighted to KH Home Design. All products sold from KH Home Design has limited commercial rights to the consumer. These documents cannot be given or sold to anyone other than the purchaser. By purchasing any of the products from KH Home Design, you acknowledge that you do not have or own rights to publish this information as it is presented. The content contained within this document may be used to inspire you but cannot be used verbatim. Please use your due diligence to go through the entire document to remove all colors, images, branding, and verbiage and replace with items as it pertain to your business.

Failure to understand and comply may result in copyright infringement and may be grounds for legal action.

Thank you in advance for adhereing to these stipulations. I hope that my documents are able to assist you in bettering your business and I appreciate your utmost respect to my work.