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Installation Bag Checklist

Be prepared and organized for your next Install with this 2-page checklist! No more sending your assistant to the store for key items. (Plus, you'd never guess how many trades show up unprepared). Show up using this extensive list and you'll have homeowners and subs thanking you for being ready for anything.


Discovery Call + Script

This 6 page questionnaire covers the most important aspects of a discovery call. Knowing the right questions to ask ahead of time will prevent you from hiring clients with red flags. As a bonus I've added a conversational script for the discovery call as well as scripts to avoid the dreaded "how much will this cost me?" question. Go confidently into your next discovery call with this guide!


Paint Color Consultation

Do you offer paint color consultations and your clients walk away with just a paint chip? Stand out with this 12-page guide for every client no matter their budget or style. This packet will let your clients get their money's worth with a few simple revisions from you. What's included:

  • How to use the samples
  • Paint color palette *
  • Paint schedule *
  • Sheen Finishes and Uses
  • Local stores to purchase paint *
  • Painting tips and tricks for DIY
  • Local resources for hire *
  • Additional design suggestions *
  • Helpful tools and resources

Items marked with an * are the only parts of this document that require changing for each client.


Design Style Questionnaire

We've all had them... clients who don't know their style, clients who seem to love everything, clients who can't make up their mind. This 20-page questionnaire might seem extensive but with pictures and easy checkboxes, your clients will breeze through this saving you time on the backend! Sections include:

  • Metal finishes
  • Fabrics
  • Flooring
  • Patterns
  • Design style
  • Color Palette
  • Preferred Colors
  • Off Limit Colors
  • Art Genres

Client Questionnaire

This 14-page Questionnaire covers every topic to onboard your new clients. Whether it's filled out prior to the consultation (as I do) or at the time of consultation, you'll get the full rundown of your clients, their personality, how they function, what their needs are, project details, timeline and so much more.


Installation Guide

Prepare your clients for their next installation with this 13-page guide.

Topics include:
- what a client can expect
- how to prepare, process
- restrictions and so much more.

Setting the right tone from the beginning can avoid any unnecessary issues that may arise.


Design Presentation

Show up and show out. This 30+ page design presentation is the perfect way to present your design to Full Service clients in a professional but easy-to-understand document. Budgeting information allows clients to get a full overview of the project while a simple feedback section gives the ability to yes or no individual products. Present with ease. I've even included a sample project for you to review.


Welcome Guide

Hands down the single best implementation I added to my business. This 36-page guide is the accumulation of information about your business including packages, pricing, processes, expectations, communications, and so much more. This guide is what sells you to clients while setting expectations from the very beginning.

Pages Included:
- Thank You
- About the Designer
- Testimonials
- Publications
- Philosophy
- Price Sheet
- Packages and Brief Descriptions
- Full Package Breakdowns
- Description
- Process
- Timeline
- Expectations
- Budgeting
- Key Information
- Portal Access
- Next Steps
- Socials


General Agreement

This 9-page agreement is a legally binding general contract. It outlines policies such as fees, travel expenses, refund, photography, copyright, liability and so much more. There's even a COVID clause! Please consult with a local lawyer who is familiar with your state's laws for validity prior to using.

Note: I use a General Agreement for all projects, regardless of format, duration, or designer involvement. This is not specific to any single service / package and is required by every client of mine.  In addition to the General Agreement, each service / package has its own Terms and Conditions which is specific to their level of service. Therefore, every Client receives two contracts from me: (1) the General Agreement plus, (2) the applicable package Terms and Conditions


Accessory Checklist

This 16-page checklist is a full list of furniture and accessories for every room in the house. Perfect to use an opt-in*, at consultations when you're with a client, or to have them fill out in advance to get a feel for their needs, this document is always good to keep on hand.


Full Service I: Design Fee Proposal

Phase I for Full Service clients. Full Service is broken into three phases: Design Fee, Product Fee, and Install Fee.

This 18-page editable document includes:

- the process of full service design
- phase breakdown
- what’s included package details
- price sheet
- project timeline
- proposed work and scope
- payment schedule
- package terms and conditions


Full Service lI: Product Fee Proposal

Phase II for Full Service clients. Full Service is broken into three phases: (1) Design Fee, (2) Product Fee, (3) Install Fee. This 8 page portion includes:

- a reminder of package information
- invoice for furnishings and accessories
- payment schedule
- terms and conditions as it pertains to product procurement.


Turn Down Scripts

Turn down potential clients in a respectful and professional manner with these canned scripts. Four different scenarios on 4 pages that cover a designer's availability as well as clients with small budgets, unrealistic timelines, or clients that show red flags. This editable template allows you to use these responses as is or create your own to share with your team as standard operating procedures.


Consultation Process + Checklist

Did you just schedule your first ever consultation? Congratulations!!!

Use these steps as a roadmap for a smooth consultation process plus a quick checklist to ensure you covered key items and left the client full of information and clarity to proceed. If you're already up and running, use this as a standard operating procedure for a team members to ensure unity in your consultations.


Kitchen Questionnaire

Whether it’s you filling it out with the client or sent directly to the client, this 11-page questionnaire covers a wide variety of kitchen design aspects.

Topics included are:
- preparations
- general information
- how a kitchen is used
- who uses it
- entertainment aspects
- storage needs
- cabinetry v. drawer usage
- cabinet styles
- countertop selections as well as finished edges.

This questionnaire features images and check boxes so your clients can understand with ease.


65+ Package Names

Start your business off right and set yourself up with success using with these clear and concise package names. These 3-pages total over 65 different names that you can utilize for your Interior Decorating or Design services.


Site Measurement & Planning

Whether you use this form at your site planning and measurement session or send this directly to e-design clients, this form will help you stay organized and keep all pertinent information in one place.

Topics include:
- how to take the right pictures
- how to measure the room
- session checklist
- proper measuring for both draperies and roman shades
- proper measuring for fireplace
- a common list of blueprint symbols
- plus graph paper for your drawings and a section for design notes.


Discussing Budgets with Clients + Budgeting Planner

This 20+ page document is more than just numbers. It's a detailed room-by-room budgeting planner that uses the good, better, best model. It's also detailed information on how and when to discuss budgeting. (HINT: It's not on your Discovery Call!) Plus, sales tactics that will sell your services while looking professional and well-educated.w


Project Closing Guide


Efficiently wrap up a project with your Client with this 75-page Closing Guide.

Topics include:

- Thank You
- Mood Board
- Space planning/floor plan reminder
- Concept boards reminder
- Paints including paint colors, paint schedule, paint finishes, paint specifications, cleaning instructions
- Finish selection including location and pertinent details
- Lighting including bulb types, light bulb schedule, light fixture cleaning instructions
- Finishes and fixture care including cabinet care, quick cabinet fixes, countertops, sinks, faucets, shower heads, drains, wallcoverings, mirrors, and windows
- Furniture care including casegoods, area rugs, soft goods, and linens
- Window treatment care including draperies and blinds
- Upholstery care including basic cleaning, cleaning codes, performance fabric, leather
- Plant care includes artificial plants, artificial florals, and real plants
- Warranties including designer warranty, vendor warranty, product warranty
- Who to call for issues
- Referrals

This content should be printed, hole-punched, put in a 3-ring binder, and hand-delivered to the client at installation. A digital copy is sent as well.


Consultation Prep Email

Send your clients this Guide to Consultation so they can be better prepared and your time can be used more efficiently. This editable template hits on key talking points so every client consultation feels accomplished.



Meeting Minutes Report

Keep all your pertinent design-build notes in one place and stay organized with this on-site Meeting Minutes report. No more of the "Remember when...." or "We already discussed this?"... Having a system in place such as Meeting Minutes for every team meeting can keep everyone accountable and your projects running smoothly.


Creating Your Packages

Are you just starting out and don't know where to begin? Is your education not translating to the business side? This 21-page eBook is dedicated to creating your packages and then some! Topics covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Why packages are necessary
  • Finding your ideal client
  • Package creation strategy
  • Formatting your packages
  • Package names
  • What to include with your packages
  • Pricing for profit
  • Different pricing methods (hourly, flat fee, etc)
  • Pros and cons of including pricing on website
  • Additional offerings

Plus examples along the way!


Finding Your Ideal Client

This pivotal step is often missed but can literally determines the success or failure of your business. This 19-page combination eBook and workbook is dedicated to educating you on:

(1) What an ideal client is
(2) Who it most often resembles
(3) The importance of having one
(4) How other top companies utilize their ideal client to guarantee their company’s success.

Several workbook pages allow you to work through what clientele you’ll serve, who your ideal client is, their client profile, how to market to them and what to do with all this information.


Block Scheduling Template

This is the block schedule I use to stay organized in my business. This 4-page Canva file can be edited to suit your needs. Two separate time-block schedules are available; the traditional 9-5 schedule and one with reduced hours. Customizable labels, color-coded blocks, and icons complete this package. See the entire document in the pictures.


Purchase Order Template

Newly Added 2022!

The name says it all... a template for Purchase Orders! Keep track of your purchases with vendors that allow you to follow up and ensure the right information gets delivered to the vendor.

NOTE: This file requires using a free Google account to access Google Sheets. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that you have experience using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.


Fee Schedule

Newly Added 2022!

A fee schedule template designed to give to your clients! The top portion breaks down your team's fees and associated tasks while allowing them a quick glance at who composes your time. The bottom portion is specific to your client, their project, and how you'll be billing them. Separating this from the Proposal allows Clients a quick reference document.


Bathroom Questionnaire

Newly Added 2022!

This 19-page document covers every topic for your next bathroom design using a variety of fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, and images to help guide your Clients.

Topics include:

  • General information (3 pages)
    • Including client information, the scope of work, current bathroom dynamics
  • Medical needs and aging in place considerations
  • The bathroom uses and desired items
  • Storage needs
  • Design elements
    • Including cabinetry style,  metal finishes, as well as the toilet, tub, shower, showerhead, faucet and sink preferences, countertop material, and countertop edging.


Thank you for trusting me to help you grow your business! These files are not empty templates and pretty forms. Any number of places can offer you that. I want to provide you with r e a l value and content that will help inspire you to scale your own business. These are my forms that I use in my every day business. They are filled with my packages, pricing, process, standard operating procedure and so much more. I've found great success using these formulas and I hope you do as well.


FF&E & Other Finish Schedules

This Google Sheet, aptly named Construction Doc in my business, utilizes 4 different templated tabs for your Construction needs. They include:

  • Punch List
  • FF&E Schedule
  • Flooring Schedule
  • Paint Schedule

I share this document with my Contractor so we're all on the same page on the work to be done on a project. A few examples of have been entered in for you.


Project Management Spreadsheet

Overhauled in 2022!

Who says you need a fancy or expensive program to manage and track your Full-Service projects? This highly robust Google Sheet features 15 tabs for a single project and is single handily the backbone of my business.


  • Automatic calculations
  • Color-coded  sections
  • Visual aids
  • Room by room calculations
  • Overall project calculations
  • Detailed breakdowns
  • Full project management and tracking system
  • A 15+ page instruction manual for use
  • Video walk-through


1. Project Summary - An accumulative look at your project overall including:

  • a color-coded graph section for a visual look that corresponds to the sections listed below
  • overall project totals for each room and project overall
  • profitability tracking by project and product
  • cost per square foot calculation based on the cost of goods, design fee, and overall
  • a list of category totals by product type (casegoods, accessories, etc)
  • quick and easy Product Fee Proposal breakdown for invoicing
  • banking transfer breakdown following a simplified profit-first model
  • hourly tracking to determine profit / loss of time spent
  • billing breakdown to show any monies spent and balances owed

2-11. Room Name - Ten separate tabs dedicated to different rooms in a home. Additional tabs can be added for larger projects and tabs not in use may be hidden. Includes project management and tracking aspects of Interior Design such as:

  • product image, vendor and product information, ordering specs, quantity
  • pricing including wholesale pricing breakdown, designer profit margin, retail mark up, shipping, tax, admin fee, CC processing fee
  • actual costs when ordered including price variance (balanced owed and client credits)
  • ordering information including purchase order / invoice number, estimated arrival, date ordered, the location being delivered to, etc.
  • order tracking and project management.

12. Accessories - A tab dedicated to ordering accessories. I charge an accessories budget for every single room design, accumulate the fees in single tabs, and purchase accessories accordingly. This is a simplified version of the Room Name tab where there's product information, order information, and tracking information. It also calculates the budget set by the designer, the current amount spent, and the pending balance.

13. Bank Reconciliation - a simple checks and balances page that does the work for you and keeps your books clean. Identifiable information is automatically entered as you order and you can manually check off when the fees have been deducted from your bank. This sheet allows you a single place for all your project finances and recalls information at a quick glance.

14. Project Autopsy - Analyze your project at the end. This is such an important process that often gets missed. Did you charge enough? What were your key takeaways? What was your client experience like and how could it have been better? Quick information is available at a glance for evaluation purposes.

15. Table of Contents - This tab is used to enter the different categories of goods and updates them on all pages. Enter information here that you would like to break out.

For example:
Window Treatments:
- Hard Window Treatments
- Soft Window Treatments

NOTE: This file requires using a free Google account to access Google Sheets. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that you have experience using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

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All aspects of these documents are customizable unless otherwise noted. All forms use a free program in either Canva, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. A free account is needed to customize. This is a digital product. ALL SALES ARE FINAL and includes a SINGLE-USE, STANDARD license only, which allows for a limited commercial use. This product may not be resold, transferred, or shared with any professional entity outside of your employees. Copyright restrictions apply and legal action may be taken.