Jerah’s Review

WOW! This was amazing! At first i was sketchy about it, but wow! Totally worth my money. I bought like 5 designs from her already. This really helped me alot. Thanks! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Cherine’s Review

Kim, THANK YOU sooo much for this!! I knew what I wanted to say but I just could not get past my mental block! I wanted a contract that would stand out. I was looking for a Design Build Contract and your contract caught my eye. I am taking your contract and merging it with a construction contract. Design kicks off next month but the kitchen remodel won’t happen until March 2022.

Katie’s Review

“Kim was an amazing mentor and guided me through many aspects of the daily grind as an Interior Designer. The experience was very well received as she was very candid about her experience. I love her openness in sharing her knowledge and helping me to apply what I learned through schooling to real life.”

Christina’s Review

“Kimberly is amazing! She has provided invaluable advice as I was working through the first few months of my business and has continued to make herself available when I reach out with additional questions. She answers my questions very thoroughly, provides useful resources and most importantly gives me the confidence and reassurance needed to move forward. I’ve learned so much from her, am constantly inspired by the way she’s modeled her business and consistently seek her out whenever I feel stuck on something. I highly recommend Kimberly!”

Laura’s Review

“Thank you so much, just purchased the welcome guide pack and its absolutely perfect, I’m creating it in Indesign where I have my template, but just to have the structure to follow to how to create this pack is incredible – thank you so much for making these guides…”